Julie Lobaza

Julie Lobaza, Operations Manager
Operations Manager

Julie graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor's in Management Information Systems and Computer Science.  She has spent the last two decades helping businesses set up their infrastructure.  With extensive knowledge in providing IT solutions, financial applications, and data management, she brings a level of expertise that is hard to find in our industry. She has owned several businesses and is well-versed in running the day-to-day operations involved in moving our company forward. 


We value her efficiency and ability to solve client requests in a timely manner.  From check requests and beneficiary changes to account maintenance and portfolio reporting, Julie is here to help with all aspects of your client experience.  


Julie is happily married with three children.  With her last child recently graduating from college, she has found more time to travel and enjoy life.  Her most recent trip was to Colorado where she went hiking and camping with family and friends.